RIVA’s New 8(a)Connect Program

Farrell Proffitt April 17, 2017 0
RIVA’s New 8(a)Connect Program

Top 3 Benefits of RIVA’s New 8(a)Connect Program

We’ve all heard of it – the SBA 8(a) Business Development Program. Designed to help small disadvantaged businesses compete in the marketplace, it offers assistance to economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs. The program attracts and nurtures young 8(a) owners just getting-out-of-the-gate.

RIVA History and 8(a)

On January 19th, RIVA Solutions, Inc. (RIVA) received its own SBA 8(a) designation. Unlike many of our 8(a) counterparts, we’re entering a 9-year program after a solid 8 years of growth without designations. We’ve already established a Top Secret (TS) facility at headquarters, built our portfolio of nationwide past performance, developed a mature infrastructure, and established both DCAA accounting practices and a significant line of credit with the banks.

We’re not a fledgling firm just gaining our foothold in Federal contracting. We’re an established IT and Management Consulting Firm that prides ourselves on leading with value and new ideas through RIVA’s innovative Federal Emerging Technology Division. During a changing economy and budgetary crisis, we empowered a Strong Management Team to navigate common challenges with institutional know-how. And, early on, we built a mature infrastructure to scale and stood up programs, like Employee-First Management and Staying Connected, to invest in our employees, clients, and partners.

About 8(a)Connect

In 2017, RIVA is standing up its latest program – 8(a)Connect  – to maximize 8(a) value not only for us, but also for our clients and partners. Benefits include:

1. Access to a Competent 8(a) – Clients and partners now have access to a competent 8(a) IT and Management Consulting Firm with a customer-service-oriented front and back office. We have the acquisition filters needed for directed procurements, plus we operate with low overhead costs for high-quality services at competitive prices. Our corporate culture cultivates innovation, creativity, and new ideas. We also provide the added benefits of past performance and relationships, not to mention a leadership investment in our most valuable asset, employees.

2. Provides a Vehicle for Customers and Teaming Partners (Large Business & Small Business). We think of 8(a) as a vehicle, just like an IDIQ. It is available to our partners and customers as a fast, easy, trusted way to procure high-quality, low cost services. 8(a)Connect allows clients to take advantage of our status through streamlined, directed, accelerated contracting without a lengthy competitive process. For example, projects up to $4 million can get started in days instead of months through an 8(a) sole source.

3. Providing a true partnership. Our reputation for delivery, transparency and collaboration ensures a long-term partnership where one project turns into many and high expectations are always exceeded.

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