Revolutionary Digital GWAC Management Tool Allows for Real-Time Teaming

Jennifer Rhea August 26, 2016 0
Revolutionary Digital GWAC Management Tool Allows for Real-Time Teaming

RIVA Solutions, known for constantly leveraging technology to implement consulting solutions, created and deployed a Digital GWAC (DGWAC) Portal to allow for real-time review of qualified partners. The DGWAC allows for exponential outreach to qualified team members in real time within our established network to meet the high volume of varying task orders.

We responded to the NITAAC CIO-SP3 On-Ramp with this new approach to GWAC management.  The idea is to expand our market of outreach and provide a platform for collaboration and transparency.

So What is the Digital GWAC?:

  • Digital Portal for innovative GWAC/IDIQ teaming & collaboration allows:webdisplays-2-2
    • Increased Federal access to customer leads & insight
    • Identification of prospective/current partners and opportunity interest/qualification
    • Timely registration of SOW elements, relationships, agencies, and leads via GWAC/IDIQ Teaming Wizard
    • Filtered push notifications
    • Streamlined TO response and pipeline transparency

 What This Means:

  • Outreach to RIVA’s extensive network of industry partners, including more than 2200 vetted connections via LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Organized review of all potential contracting partners through the web portal
  • Transparency of strategy, past performance and expertise in response to CIO-SP3 task orders

This will provide significant value to our government customers and ensure the most successful partnerships and timely response to task orders.

How do you feel about socializing Federal GWAC/IDIQ Task Orders online through LinkedIn? Do you think technology can improve the partner and opportunity qualification process?


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