NOAA Spotlight – Engaging STEM Youth, Citizen Science & Crowdsourcing

Farrell Proffitt November 24, 2015 0
NOAA Spotlight – Engaging STEM Youth, Citizen Science & Crowdsourcing

We’ve all read front-page headlines about hazardous weather, changes in climate, and other environmental threats. The Department of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) challenges young people to not only read the headlines but also understand the different socioeconomic and ecological factors affecting Earth systems and the science behind threats and vulnerabilities.

Why? 2 Reasons:

(1) It’s important to educate the next generation of NOAA-related science for an informed, safe, and prepared country.

(2) It’s cool. Where else can students analyze satellite data? Study coral reefs? Participate in whalewatch programs? Learn field sciences at sea?

How They Do It

Through it’s forward-thinking Office of Education (OeD), NOAA starts building relationships early with the nextgen population – from Kindergarten through 12th grade – through specialized, hands-on education and training. The agency then follows these students to college with additional learning opportunities and scholarships through the Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship and Educational Partnership Program (EPP).

Best Practices

As a key contributor to The Federal Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science ToolkitNOAA is focused on building an engaged community. You can see best practices at work in this environment – from an all-youth panel at the National Ocean Sciences Bowl® (NOSB) to projects like mPING and CoCoRaHS (both recognized by the White House as shining examples of citizen science!).

Beyond our contract with SMRC supporting NOAA’s CoastWatch OceanWatch Program, RIVA Solutions combines traditional outreach with emerging technologies and crowdsourcing to promote literacy and engagement among key Federal populations at DOC, ED, HHS, DOJ, DoS, DOT, and other Federal agencies.

Now your turn: share your story! How do you advance your mission through outreach and education?

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