Federal Contracting & Cool: Top 5 Reasons Why RIVA Is DC’s Coolest Company

Farrell Proffitt August 20, 2015 0
Federal Contracting & Cool: Top 5 Reasons Why RIVA Is DC’s Coolest Company

Five years ago, RIVA Solutions was built on a very simple philosophy: “Happy Employees, Happy Customers. Today, we are one of the fastest growing Small-Business Federal Contractors in the nation, and recently named Finalist for DC’s Coolest Companies. Here are the top reasons why:

1. Corporate Cool

Professional and hard working, our corporate team gets thingsprh8n done but also knows how to have a good time. Our new office space is a creative idea factory known for office antics and social media stunts.


2. Social Media 

We’re social…in person and online.For nationwide employees11751873_900322143374207_5315449002788650025_n who can’t make the quarterly Staying Connected events, RIVA leverages social media (contests, raffles, fantasy brackets, campaigns, kudos rewards program, and more) to engage and connect.


3. Customized Benefits

 In addition to competitive compensation,RIVA Corporate customizes benefits options based on employee preferences through crowdsourced feedback, allowing us to attract and retain top talent.

4. Create Your Own Experience

During employee orientations, RIVA CEO, Naveen Krishnamurthy, is known to say: “Ask…and tell me how we can improve”.This leadership philosophy encourages feedback, which is used to improve the employee experience.


RIVA is a creative culture that embraces life experiences, travel, hobbies,ptud7 and family. Check out our latest blog on the #VIVALARIVA social media campaign, which showcases some of our favorite employees spotlights, including fire juggling Jason Nigh from RIVA’s Department of Transportation contract



Think we’re cool? Cast your RIVA vote here so we can WIN DC’s Coolest Companies!

Want to learn more about our Employee-First Approach? Check out our Culture Checklist here.

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