7 Trending Topics in Federal Government Contracting

Brittany Alexander April 2, 2015 0
7 Trending Topics in Federal Government Contracting

With so many April Fool’s pranks happening, it is difficult to find the truth. However, we have uncovered these are the top stories of the week, without the pranks.

1. Data-Focused Jobs Thriving in Federal Government

Data may seem like the new kid on the block, but surprisingly, in the federal government, jobs that specifically require managing, interpreting and analyzing data are nothing new. A Commerce Department document examining the data-centric job landscape reveals that as of 2013, there were 1.6 million government workers in data-driven positions.

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2. What’s Your Organization’s Greatest Cyber Threat?

With the average cybersecurity incident costing an average of $2.7 million, it’s important for organizations to determine their cyber weak spots.

For both public and private organizations, information and finances are at risk.

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3. GAO, DOT at odds over smartphone app

A new smartphone app from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that shares safety scores of interstate truck and bus companies is giving officials at the Government Accountability Office “heartburn.”

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4. 18F Wants to Make More Dot-Govs Accessible to People with Disabilities

Many common Web practices — such as CAPTCHA, which prompts users to type distorted words or symbols to prove they aren’t spam-bots — aren’t designed for people who are deaf or blind.  The General Services Administration’s quick-fix IT team 18F is trying to change that standard, beginning with federal websites.

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5. USASpending.gov updated, functionality drastically diminished say businesses

In the early hours of March 31, the Treasury Department pushed out an update to USASpending.gov, one of the federal government’s premier open data platforms, but instead of ushering in improvements or new capabilities, changes to the massive database tool stripped the site of some critical functionality.

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 6. Obama declares foreign cyber threats a ‘national emergency’

President Barack Obama issued an executive order April 1 declaring foreign cyber threats to U.S. economic and national security a “national emergency.” The order authorizes the Treasury secretary to levy sanctions on individuals or groups whose “significant, malicious cyber-enabled activities” threaten American national security, foreign policy, economic prosperity or financial stability.

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7. Get ready for wearables

Wearables are poised to seriously affect our day-to-day lives. In fact, reports indicateApple intends to manufacture more than five million Apple Watches in its first run. Though we may be years away from significant adoption, it’s important for government agencies to begin incorporating wearables into their security planning now.

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